Quality Assurance

Quality Testing and Assurance

Identifying the source of the problem is often where the challenge occurs. Once a thorough cleaning has been completed and guaranteed, the system is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is operating properly.

AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corporation offers closed-circuit inspection equipment as an invaluable resource as well as color televising and video taping for a thorough evaluation. This reveals not only the condition of the pipe but also the exact location and extent of the damage. These technologies save time and money and get to the source of the problem quickly and efficiently. AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corporation pioneered the use of the self-propelled video camera, which eliminates the challenge of accessing both ends of a pipeline.


Flexible Mini-Camera Systems

Combining a reduced camera size with rugged electronic components to inspect previously inaccessible pipe lines, culverts, mains and sewers. A permanent record on VHS, CD ROM, and other state-of-the-art reports are provided to the customer upon completion of the project for future reference.

Some commonly used applications for this mini-camera system are: sewer laterals, process lines, heating and cooling lines, water and waste water piping, telephone and/or electrical conduit, boiler/heat exchangers, boring chambers and stacks.


Other Pipe Inspection and Testing Procedures:

• Color Photography

• Smoke and Dye Testing