Effective and Efficient Cleaning

Ideally, AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corporation will work with you to devise a preventative maintenance plan to preclude untimely and interruptive repair needs. Of course, this is not always possible, and when the unexpected occurs, our Rapid Response Team is available with state-of-the-art, high powered equipment.

Combination High Pressure Jetting/Vacuum Systems open and clean blocked piping systems and catch basins. AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corporation’s fleet of high pressure jet units free blockages with ease. These high speed methods will eliminate grease, roots, debris, detergents and other clogging materials.


New State-of-the-Art Nozzles

– 12″ mini-jets for S traps, sharp bends and turns

– Rotary-action jets and root cutters for roots, concrete, calcium deposits, paint and grease

– Big Block Busters for sand, heavy blockages from storm drains, combination and sanitary systems

– Difficult and unyielding tree roots are eliminated with a hydraulically-driven root cutter that simultaneously eliminates and flushes debris. A state certified and EPA-approved chemical root treatment is then recommended to retard future growth. All of these achieved safely and without damage to your pipe systems.


Additional Cleaning Services

– Mechanical cleaning with power rodding, augers and buckets

– Electric power rodding for small lines

– Water blasting to 10,000 psi; abrasives


Mobile Pumping Units to 9000 Gallons

– Liquid waste

– Septic tank cleaning


Industrial Vacuum



– Wet and dry materials

– Emission-free