I have used many underground pipe cleaning and video service firms and I do not hesitate in recommending AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Company.  Their equipment is modern and very well maintained and their experienced service operators are efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to solving sewer flow and infiltration problems

Michael Fisco and the employees at AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Company are responsive and resourceful.  Their 24 hour service is always available whether for a planned maintenance shut down or in an emergency situation.  I always know I can rely on them to be on-site with the right equipment and highly trained personnel.”

AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Company has been providing vacuum and jetting services to my firm for over twenty years.  Their expertise, can-do attitude and clean state of the art equipment insure that I can complete my underground utility projects on time and on budget.  I do not hesitate to recommend them to all the utility districts that I work with.